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C o n c r e t e  Cutting & scanning specialist

Core Drills are used to create round holes in walls or slabs so contractors are able to run their pipe or conduit through.   

Electric Slab Saws are used for inside cutting. Ensures productivity in commercial jobs.

Flat saws are used to cut out trenches or damaged pieces of asphalt or slabs. They create a nice straight edge for contractors to pour or pave back to. We have the capability to saw to a depth of 24.”

Wall Saws are used to cut out doors, windows, HVAC or and other type of wall openings a contractor may need. We have methods to eliminate over-cuts in corners to create a clean cut appearance. We also have the ability to cut flush with a slab or perpendicular wall.

Concrete Removal Wallsaw

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Concrete Cutting & Scanning

Scanning - is trustworthy non damaging method for locating objects such as rebar, cable conduit, post- tensioned cable etc. within concrete.